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All you aspiring writers: Send us your stories along with pictures that correspond to them! Do you have interesting pictures and stories that readers would like to see? It could be as simple as typical teen life in the 50ís & 60ís that others could relate to. We at KEEP ROCKINí think that everyone who grew up in the 50ís & 60ís has an interesting story that they could tell. We want you to think of KEEP ROCKINí as your magazine. Come join the KEEP ROCKINí CLUB!

Music: Are you in a Rock & Roll band? Have you seen a good one lately or back in the day? R&B, Doo Wop, Surf, British Invasion, Swing, or straight up Rock & Roll. We like it all at Keep Rockiní. Rockabilly is back with a vengeance, even the younger crowd is digging it! Send us your favorite singers, musicians and bands, then and now

Hang-Outs: Where did you and your friends hang-out, where do you hang-out now? A cool 50ís, 60ís style diner, drive-in restaurant or theater, the drag strip? Tell us about your favorite place to hang with your friends

Cars: You got Ďem, we want Ďem. Hot Rods, Gassers, Restorations, Rat Rods, you name it. You canít have enough cool wheels

Clubs: We love car clubs, motorcycle clubs, jitterbug clubs, social clubs, any kind of club, past or present. We would like to include you and your friends in Keep Rockiní

Pictures: Sometimes a picture by itself tells a story, if itís fun, interesting, humorous, sexy or all the above, just send them and we will consider them for print

Recipes: Do you have a favorite recipe from the past? Send them along for print in: Nellie's Down Home Cookin'

Collectors: Have an interesting collection from the era that you would like to share? Send your pictures and info of your collection to: Collectors Corner

Short Stories: Fiction or Non-Fiction, forward your 50ís & 60ís stories to us at: Shortyís Story Stop

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